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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not in the pot. In your mouth.

Damansara Village is a steamboat restaurant. Yes. So you do the cooking yourself. Fresh, live seafood. Put all in our signature Drunken Pot Herbal Wine soup and...YUMMY!!!

But there are some things you don't put in the steamboat pot. But put straight into your mouth. For a creamy, luxurious taste experience.


Premium-sized, fresh, succulent Canadian OYSTERS!!!

Served fresh everyday.

Mondays to Fridays @ Happy Hour prices. (RM19.80++ per half-dozen)


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't want to end up with a "diarrhea" trying your so call "fresh" oysters.

patrickteoh said...

I am sorry that we seemed to have offended you in some way. Or you're just in a really pissy mood today.

We all hope that your stomach feels better soon. And it would help us to mend our bridges if you let us know who you are. As 'anonymous' all your comments do is to be 'annoying'. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For your information, the previous anonymous wasn't me.