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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Damansara Village wishes everyone





Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GPS to Damansara Village

Now, you need no longer ask your way or lose your way to Damansara Village Steamboat. Just key in these coordinates into your GPS device. See you there!

Latitude: 3° 7'26.64"N
Longitude: 101°36'46.71"E

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wacky Reunion

Wacky Bar is a Malaysian play written by Maya Tan Abdullah that played to full houses at the PJ Living Arts (PJLA) theatre in Jaya One in October. Recently, the cast of Wacky Bar held a reunion at Damansara Village. It was a night filled with much laughter, and good food.

A group of Wackies
L to R Daphne Iking, Rashid Salleh, assistant stage manager Prisca, Joanne Kam, Iedil, Patrick, Min ( Seated: Joanna Bessey and Teri Choong.

Joanna Bessey, director and Teri Choong PJLA Exec. Producer

Amber Chia who rushed across town to join the Wackies after her Euro Film Festival function.

Douglas: I wasn't even asked to audition.
Joanne: Well, wasn't like...errr.....
Rashid: Excuse me I think I need to wee-wee

What's the difference between an assistant stage manager (ASM) with an IPhone and a jazz musician? The ASM can afford one. Hahahahaha...errr....sorry ah.
ASM, Prisca and jazz guru, David Gomes.

ESPN's Rashid Salleh having a laugh with Patrick Teoh and Min Chan

So, Patrick you found out that you were really a lousy actor so you decided to open seafood restaurant issit? Ida Mariana (l) and Daphne Iking quizzing Patrick Teoh.

Singer/writer/stand-up comedian and all around very talented guy, Douglas Lim enjoying his BYO shisha pipe.

Singer/actor Ida Mariana meets theme cakes designer, Mama Min

Daphne Iking and her cute little princess, Isobel Daniella.

Daphne Iking and the cute...oh never mind la.

Malaysia's foremost Jazz Couple Junji Delfino and David Gomes and Ida Mariana (R)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to a star!

Damansara Village recently had the opportunity of serving one of Malaysia's famous sons. International singing star, Ah Niu who had just finished filming and directing his first feature film.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Menu Items

Delicious new items at

Damansara Village

Spicy Bamboo Clams
Hmmmm.........big, fat, juicy, succulent bamboo clams steamed with ginger, herbs, garlic and
chopped red chillies.

Damansara Village Seafood Drumsticks

And you thought only chickens and ducks had them! Try our new seafood drumsticks. Fish, prawn meat on a stick of sweet sugar cane. Lightly fried. Uniquely tasty. Must try.

DV Sundae

End your dining experience at Damansara Village Steamboat with a ice cream Sundae with a light sprinkling of chocolate rice.