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Monday, July 2, 2007

The way to SAFE and DELICIOUS steamboat eating

1. ALWAYS ensure that the soup is boiling before putting in any foodstuff.

2. DO NOT drink the soup immediately after putting in raw seafood and other uncooked food.

3. ALWAYS allow the pot to boil for 1 or 2 minutes before eating the food inside.

4. DO NOT mix fresh seafood and processed foods like fishball, fishcake, wan ton, sui kao etc. when cooking as the combination of the tastes might clash. This is merely the chef’s recommendation and not a hard and fast rule.

5. ALWAYS remember that certain vegetables like Tong O and Choi Sum have a strong taste and aroma. Putting these in the steamboat before you are ready may change the taste and aroma of the soup.

6. DO NOT overcook fresh sea food or they will lose their taste and texture.

7. ALWAYS remember that most fresh seafood like fish, prawns and crabs take only a short time to cook. Clams are cooked when they pop open. Over-cooked clams have the texture of your old tennis shoes.

8. DO NOT eat any clams that remain closed even after proper cooking time.

A few simple suggestions to make your dining experience at Damansara Village an enjoyable and memorable one.

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