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Monday, April 16, 2007

Guaranteed!!! No S.M.S.

"Our soup guaranteed no S.M.S."

DV's Allan Phoon proudly declares that the delicious soup stock used at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant contains NO SMS. Guaranteed!!!

Huh??? S.M.S.??? What's that about?

There is an interesting story behind this claim. But if you want to know the story you will have to come to Damansara Village and hear it from Allan himself. Come on a week night and Allan will tell you the whole story. Come weekends and you will get the short version. By the way, Allan is off Monday nights to do more research on SMS-free food flavouring.

So come and dine on the freshest fish, crabs, prawns, clams, mantis prawns and lots more and ask Allan to tell you the story.


Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

Call +603 7803 1832 for reservations


Anonymous said...

This place offer fresh seafood. Very fresh. "Hou Sang Sin, Hou Sang Sin". Fresh my FOOT! So blardy expensive and nothing special.

Anonymous said...

Eh? You didn't get fresh sea food meh? Very sorry about that. Please let us know what exactly displeased you on your visit to Damansara Village and we shall try to rectify it. What did you consider "blaardy" expensive? And what did you find about the place that was "nothing special"? Please help us to improve.

Thank you.

suanie said...

I went there three times and all three times I had fresh seafood.. what talking you...

Anonymous said...

Been there twice, very recently. The first time the normal soup, 2nd time the special soup.

Food- yes, fresh but not much different from others I have been at the same price range. I won't say it is so distingtively fresh and memorable, out of this world good as the owners here claim. Lets just say I will not drive purposely all the way from KL again to have steamboat here but if I am around the area, it won't kill to have a decent steamboat.

Ambience: This is much better than most steamboat restaurants. It's spacious. It's clean (maybe beacuse it is still new)The fish "longkang" is a good distraction for the restless children and the free ballon is also good.

Price: On a high side but still ok.

Service: I hate it the way the waiters/owners push too darm hard about taking the package or that special soup. Just tell us about this special alternative package, the benefits etc. But please let us decide. The first time i was there when I didn't take the package the guy who took our order give us that " you no standard" look. Niamah ..

Suggestion- take down those photos of that Niamah from the board. We dont want to choke or have indigestion while dinner

Anonymous said...

you mean No MSG?

Ennie said...

Halal or not?

patrickteoh said...

hi ennie. Damansara Village is NOT a Halal certified restaurant. But it is pork FREE.