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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Steamboat Only What!

"So what's so special about Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant?
Steamboat only what."

For the uninitiated that is a normal question. Sure steamboat can be just steamboat.

But when you have on the menu, fresh "LIVE" seafood that is delivered daily from the famous Pulau Ketam fishing boats then it BECOMES something special. Everyone knows that the freshest seafood makes the best steamboat dining experience. And there is nothing fresher than seafood that is alive and swimming minutes before you put them into the steamboat pot.

And it becomes even more YUMMILICIOUS in our signature Drunken Pot herbal wine soup stock.....

Drunken Pot

So come over and say "Hello" to your dinner...

Sweet Flower Crabs

Succulent Meat and Roe Crabs

The freshest fish. Pomfrets, White Snappers, Red Snappers, Sea Groupers.

Giant juicy clams

Hundreds of crunchy, delicious prawns

Come over tonight and meet your dinner. Up close. Face-to-face.

Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant

Call +603 7803 1832 for reservations

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