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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Got anything else ah?

That must be one of the most often-asked questions when people come to Damansara Village Steamboat for the first time. Damansara Village is best known for its ultra-fresh seafood steamboat dishes featuring live crabs, prawns, mantis prawns, giant clams, fish and lobsters and geoducks (seasonal). But some diners prefer to whet their apetite while waiting for our signature Drunken Herbal Pot soup to boil for their steamboat. So we have introduced some simply delicious side orders which have become signature items on the Damansara Village menu.......

Steamed Village Chicken - tender whole or half portions of free-range chicken steamed with our special marinate.

Paper-wrapped chicken - this tasty dish from a famous 'auntie' in Pudu is a Damansara Village favorite.

And today I'd like to introduce you to 2 more DEEEELICIOUS Damansara Village specialties...

Yeem Goak Hai (Cantonese for Salt-baked crabs)

Salt-baked meat crabs........big, live succulent meat crabs from Pulau Ketam. Wok-baked in sea salt until fragrant and juicy. You have to try it.

Hoong Jau La-la (Cantonese for red wine la-la)

Red Wine Steamed La-la.......a subtle blend of Chinese red wine, herbs and ginger marinate a mix of giant Sar Pak (giant clams) and local la-la and steamed to perfection. Eat this hot and savour the soup which you can also add to your steamboat for a different ziiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnng!!!


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