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Saturday, September 6, 2008

They shoot horse thieves, don't they?

HERO - gone forever.

A few weeks ago our Damansara Village carousel horse, HERO was stolen! Hero is a beautiful, classic carousel horse which our guests loved so much, especially the children love. Now he is gone forever and Hero is irreplaceable.

I know it is a slim to no-hope chance that Hero is found. But we ask you to help by looking out for Hero. After all, a carousel horse would be pretty hard to hide, wouldn't it? It isn't made of metal so he won't be smelted for scrap. That rules out the infamous metal thieves who take cables and drain covers. Perhaps some pranskter took it just for fun. I don't know.

In the Wild West days they used to shoot horse thieves.


Chowpiao said...

WTF so free and noti to go steal HERO? If I find out I will spank that feller

Anonymous said...

serves you right as your restaurant causes jams when the cars are parked on the sides of an already narrow two way street.