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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Sang Yue (Ikan Haruan)

We’ve had a fantastic catch from the rivers of Perak this week.

And we’ve got the biggest, freshest, WILDEST Ikan Haruan in the tanks at Damansara Village@Imbi NOW!

Come and taste the best Sang Yue (Cantonese for Ikan Haruan) in Kuala Lumpur.

People always ask me, “What’s so different about your Ikan Haruan or Sang Yue? Other places sell them too.”

Yes, the fish is available in many other restaurants. But our Sang Yue do not come from a fish farm but from the WILD. They are freshly caught from the rivers of our rainforests by Orang Asli anglers. (This also explains their absence from our menu sometimes. Sometimes the Orang Asli just don’t feel like fishing.)

Okay, here are some differences:-

Farm Ikan Haruan have a slightly muddy smell and taste.

Wild Ikan Haruan don’t have the muddy smell and taste.

Farm Ikan Haruan flesh is smooth and soft.

Wild Ikan Haruan flesh has more texture and more ‘bite’.

Farm Ikan Haruan is more boney.

Wild Ikan Haruan is less boney.

(Note: Sang Yue are more boney than other fish so please exercise caution when eating.)

From tomorrow, Monday October 18, 2010

for a limited time only and while stocks last we are offering Wild Sang Yue/Ikan Haruan at a special price of only

RM38 per kg

(usual price RM58/kg)

Damansara Village@Imbi

32, Jalan Utara,

Off Jalan Imbi,

Kuala Lumpur

Call +603 21411678

to reserve your Wild Ikan Haruan for LUNCH or DINNER

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