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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ducks don't dance

Damansara Village @ Imbi
Village Steamed Duck (RM60/kg)

Nope. Ducks don't dance. But they are very tasty. Especially at Damansara Village @ Imbi. Starting tomorrow we shall be serving our long-awaited Village Steamed Duck.

Yes! Steamed Duck. I am sure that a lot of you have never had steamed duck before. Peking Duck, Roast Duck, Braised Duck yes but STEAMED???

Come and savour a new taste.
From April 3, 2010.

We will only be serving a limited number of birds each day to maintain quality and taste so please CALL AHEAD TO BOOK. +603 2141-1678

Damansara Village @ Imbi
32, Jalan Utara
off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(opp. Pasar Rakyat)


GPS 3°08'41.08" N 101°43'01.84" E


farah said...

is it halal? would love to try it.

i know restaurant serving alcoholic beverages won't get halal certification but if you get the food from muslim vendor (the poultry not the seafood!) than i can eat them!

patrickteoh said...

Hi Farah. Thanks for visiting our blogsite. Unfortunately, Damansara Village Restaurants are NON-HALAL.

Anonymous said...

I invited a very dear friend from US to dine in your restaurant. When we finished our meal, my husband paid for the bill. I was talking to my dear friend. However after we went home, i discovered that your restaurant double charge me for an extra set 18.90. 18.90 to me is just a small amount but i don't like the restaurant cheating the customer. How can we (3 persons)order 2 set of 18.90? We ordered so many extra food like prawn, mussels etc apart from 18.90 set. I mean the cashier should know that a table of 3 persons will not order 2 set of the same things. I will not dine there anymore. WATCH OUT IF U EVER DINE THERE, CHECK YOUR BILL. DON'T BE THE VICTIM!

patrickteoh said...

Dear Anonymous 12:10 PM,

Thank you again for your comment here. The same one which you have posted on quite a number of other blogsites as well as other social media sites. To be honest, it is something that I would have done myself if I felt so strongly about being cheated by an establishment.

I do apologise sincerely for the stress that the visit to Damansara Village@Imbi has caused you and your friends. Please be assured that it was totally unintentional. I would like to explain that it is clearly stated in the menu that there is a MINIMUM order of 2 sets for a steamboat meal. This might have been overlooked by the waiter who didn't point it out to you. I apologise for that oversight.

Please be assured that it is not our intention to cheat customers.I believe that no serious business would do something like that. And we are an aboveboard business and will always try to serve our guests the best way we can. Admittedly, some mistakes will occur which we are always willing to rectify to mutual satisfaction. If you can send me a copy of the receipt I will see if there is indeed anything else that might have been mistakenly done to cause you such dissatisfaction.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at email: or cell-phone 012 2821399 if I can be of further assistance.