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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Selamat Tahun Baru Cina.

The management and staff of Damansara Village wish all Malaysians

Happy New Year


Gong Xi Fa Cai
a prosperous, joyful, safe and healthy

Year of the Ox


We are open on Chinese New Year Eve, January 25th 2009


For this festive season we have planned a Prosperity Menu for your enjoyment at Damansara Village. Reasonably priced, the special New Year menu's serves fresh fish, prawns, crabs, chicken and all of our delicious steamboat dishes.

Prosperity Package

(for up to 10 diners)

Premium Prosperity Package

(for up to 10 diners)

Yee Sang

We are also serving Yee Sang from January 5, 2009

Jelly fish Yee Sang - RM33 (small); RM43 (large)

Salmon Yee Sang - RM43 (small); RM55 (large)

Come with your family and friends and celebrate a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy

Year of the Ox

Note: Damansara Village will be closed for Chinese New Year break from January 26 - 29. We re-open for business on January 30


Sook Peng said...

Dear Patrick,
I had dinner at your restaurant yesterday and there are 2 things that I'd like to bring up. We ordered the salmon yee sang and although your yee sang was very commercialized (it was still alright), what irked me the most was the salmon. There was only 5 slices of salmon and that itself was sliced so thin that it was transparent against the plate. With 11 adults at the table, we were already making lame jokes about who will get the lucky slice of salmon. At RM55++ per serving of yee sang, it was like getting slaughtered for the sake of some luck and prosperity. We also ordered your scallops in the shell and yes, they came in a shell but your cook sliced off half the scallop so instead of fat scallops, we got some thin sliced scallops. After cooking, it was exactly the size of a 10-sen coin and nearly as thin as that. We understand that your restaurant may charge extra (everyone in the food business does that during CNY) but please don't compromise on the quality of your food. Word gets around fast. Having said that, the rest of your food and stock was excellent.

patrickteoh said...

Dear Sook Peng,

I am very distressed to hear about your bad experience at Damansara Village. First of all, please allow me to apologise for that. I know precisely how you and your dining guests must have all felt as I have had similiar experiences and remember how much they upset me. At Damansara Village we always pride ourselves on serving our guests good value for money. And I agree 100% with you. We must NEVER compromise on our food quality.

What you described is unforgiveable and you can rest assured that serious action will be taken against the person/persons responsible. But of course the final responsibility rests totally with me and the management team and again we apolgise most sincerely for your less than satisfactory experience while dining with us.