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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oi! What tokking you?

What the crab you tokking la?

Recently some of you have been confused by the map link that is in all the Damansara Village articles on this blog. The reason for this is that SHELL have taken over all the ProJet Petrol stations and I have not learned enough about blogging to change the map bit.

So please remember ah? The ProJet Station on the map is the SHELL Station, okay? And the new map is now posted on the right hand side bar just below the Damansara Village Logo.

Thank you ah.


Anonymous said...

NIAMAH betul! 5 of my colleagues eat your food until lausai!

patrickteoh said...

5 people eat until lausai? Please let us know what happened. This is a serious thing to happen and we would like to get to the bottom of it. Please let us know. Thank you for your co-operation. At Damansara Village we strive to provide the freshest, safest dining experience. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Victim1: If my colleague didn't tell me about it, I wouldn't know that this site actually exist. And do I need to let you know why that after eating at your place, I was struck by diarrhea. It's pretty obvious that either your food ain't fresh/clean or your workers hygiene problem .

patrickteoh said...

Hello Victim1 I am really sorry to hear about your bad experience at Damansara Village. I assure you that our seafood is the freshest possible and I am at a loss of why you had the runs after eating there. There is probably a good explanation for what happened and we shall do our best to do so and rectify any potentially unpleasant experiences for our future customers. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please feel free to contact me ( for any further assistance. Also do allow us the opportunity to host you at Damansara Village and show you that we always have the customers comfort and enjoyment in mind. Thank you.

team bsg said...

alamak , we stumbled across your site after coming from Zorro's Blog. We do believe most food bloggers have not mentioned about this place ? Tho we have tried the toddy one months ago ! din know you are involved in this one ! thought you only blog niamahs ! but we shall keep this place in mind nex ( hopefully u r there since we are mostly St Michaelians )

Anonymous said...

eh this steamboat halal onot ar? wan2 bring my foreign frens to eat if its halal.

patrickteoh said...

No we are NOT a HALAL restaurant. But our is a PORK-FREE menu. A HALAL restaurant is one which has been certified by the religious department etc. We do not serve pork at all and we are very lucky to count many Muslims Malaysians and visitors among our regular customers. So do feel free to come with your foreign friends to Damansara Village Steamboat. Please let us know how we may further assist you with your enquiries. Thank you.